Monday, September 27, 2010

Winter Bird Baths

Today I woke up to frost covering the lawn.  The leaves are falling like rain.  It wont be long now...winter is definately coming wether I like it or not.  It is time to prepare my home for winter and along with that there are some things I do for our wild birds. 

One thing that is very important for birds and other wildlife is a consistant source of water in the winter.  In northern Wisconsin most all water sources will start to freeze over in about a month or so.  For the northern climates it is imperative to have this water available.  There are two options for doing this.  Many heated bird baths are available now and just simply need to be plugged in and kept filled with fresh water.  Another option is to add a birdbath de-icer to an existing bird bath.  These just sit in a current bath and once pluged in, keep the water from completely freezing over.  Whichever method you choose, I am sure that you will be rewarded with more birds this winter than you have ever had before!

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